Moko Market Café & Store

Moko is a family business founded in 1991 and is still run by the two sisters. Moko Market Café & Store is a concept store which combines an interior design store and a café. Our bohemian flagship store is based in an old industrial real estate in the old labor district Punavuori which nowadays belongs to the trendy design district of Helsinki. The little sister of our main store is located in Sörnäinen district, in an old hat factory and the latest Moko Café is located in the trendy Teurastamo area in Suvilahti.

Moko Market Punavuori sells various interior design related objects and furniture such as a collection of vintage items, old Indian cabinets, unique pieces from here and there,  a vast collection of smaller decoration items from around the world and also some fashion. In the Moko Market Café a daily breakfast and lunch are served on weekdays and a delicious brunch on Saturdays (Punavuori and Sörnäinen). In the café homemade culture and organic food is valued.

This rich combination makes Moko a unique experience.

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Moko Market Café & Store Punavuori
Perämiehenkatu 10, 00150 Helsinki
tel. +358 (0) 10 3156156
Weekdays 8-17.00
Saturdays 10-16

Moko Market Café Sörnäinen
Vilhonvuorenkatu 11, 00500 Helsinki
tel. +358 (0) 45 1446 225
Weekdays 8-17.00
Saturdays 11-16

Moko Market Teurastamo
Työpajankatu 2 A, 00580 Helsinki
tel. +358 (0) 40 1578209
Weekdays 8-15.00

Moko in Japanese.